A Review of “Fury Road.”

I don’t like statements like “adrenaline-fueled ride” or anything that uses the word extravaganza to describe a movie. That, usually, doesn’t paint an accurate picture. But I just saw “Mad Max: Fury Road”, and I have to say that Geoff Pevere of Globe and Mail nailed it on the head when he called it “a double-barrelled shotgun enema straight to the senses.” The Fury Road is an adrenaline-fueled, non-stop action, oil painting that is both beautiful in its color palette, and filled with some of the craziest, and dangerous car stunts you will ever see. I loved it.

George Miller may have gone off the deep end with “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome,” but after a few decades of producing family films he stepped back into the world of Max Rockatansky and delivers a film that both honors the first two brilliant installments of the series, but also reminds us that action filmmaking can be more than just explosions, and violent deaths; it can be art.


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