Wow.  Fifteen years of marriage, and seventeen years as a couple.  From twenty years old until thirty-seven (come this Saturday).  So much has happened, and yet, not really.

Got engaged.
Got through cancer.
Got married.
Got a dog.
Got pregnant.
Had a kid.
Got pregnant again.
Lost a kid.
Got pregnant again.

That’s it.  16 things, 6 of which were moving.  But it is also so much more.  Every day is special.  You’ve taught me that.  We’ve taught each other, about each other, and about ourselves.  I’ve grown so much being married to you.  You have made me a better man; a happy man.

I turn so easily to depression.  But you are and have always been my anchor.

The picture my mother drew of us, a lioness holding a red balloon is completely accurate.  You keep me grounded, and in touch with reality.  You keep me present and alive in the moment.  I enjoy life more because you are in it.

We have nothing in common and everything in common with one another.  Opposites attract and they did so in the most spectacular way with you, April Dawn Brown.  When I’m angry, you cheer me up.  When I’m overly excited, you remind me that I need a plan in order to accomplish my goals.  I fold the laundry, because you have washed it.

When I lose my patience with our five-year-old (OMG, he’s 5!), you provide the steady hand.

April, you haven’t just been the better part of the last two decades, you’ve been the best part.

I love you.




2 thoughts on “To my wife, on our 15th Anniversary:

  1. Babe, you’ve been the best part of my life too. I love you so much!

    Here’s to many more years of happiness together. Forever and a day. ❤️😘


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